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5 Reasons The World Is Going To End This Year

5 Reasons The World Is Going To End This Year – 2016 Predictions


World war 3 will break this year, nuclear explosion will burn the Earth to end, asteroid will wipe out humanity, or Earth will be sucked into black hole. There are so many conspiracies about the world’s end this year. Some comes from NASA scientists, some from prophets, and some from mad people taking benefits of YouTube. It is hard to believe all of them so here are five reasons the world is going to end this year with some meaningful reasons behind them, which you can believe as some part.

Ghostbusters 2 predicted the world would end on February 14, 2016


It’s a valentine days  and if you  think nobody is going to purpose you and you must die for this reason, then  according to the Ghostbusters II  the world is going to cease on 14th February  this year. If you did not remember the scene, then let us recall you, it is towards the beginning when Elaine tells Peter that the world is ending this year according to my source. The source you are wondering is the alien who approached her in the bar. Remember?

NASA Scientist Said The Poles Are Going To Shift In 2016


Climate change, global warming is the culprit behind the poles shift. There are  many reasons behind the poles shift such as small variations in the moon’s and sun’s pull, changes on the surface of the Earth  are some major reasons, which is going to engulf  the world.

Barrack Obama Is The Antichrist


David Montaigne who is having an online conspiracy theory believes that it is written clearly in the Bible that Barrack Obama is the Antichrist. The Antichrist is the one who is the Babylon king. Who you think the Babylon is? Its new York and barrack Obama will take charge in the right time and ideally fits in the personal descriptions of Antichrist.

An Asteroid Hit – Followed By BLACK HOLE


According to the pastor, Richard Salazar out world is going to see the end by October 25. The man is the one behind the odd YouTube rants. According to him, the “GOD” himself was the one who gave him all the details.

Jesus Will Be Back: – According To Bible


To check this out you will have to visit the website ‘The Mark Of The Beast’. In 2016, all sins are going to end and Jesus will come on earth the second time. This is going to be end of the world according to the Daniel’s prophecy.

Updated: July 5, 2016 — 1:24 pm

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